Jin Jin Jewellery

Jin Jin Jewellery enjoys a reputation of being a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of covetable delights.

We focus on wearable, whimsical, sometimes edgy handmade jewellery from the studios of local jewellery designers.
Here you will find beautiful and affordable pieces for all ages and looks – corporate and classic to cutting edge. Our earring collection is a legend.

We specialise in designing bridal jewellery for the bridal party at Jin-Jin jewellery
We cater to any style from cutting-edge to vintage weddings

Our stable of designers includes some of the most talented in south Africa: Annabelle Rose, Dew, Susan Von Zahn, Shelley & Harry, Bijou Bling, Janine Binneman, Secrets Unearthed, Inkheart and guest designers.

We offer a popular, accessibly priced remodelling and bespoke service and are expert pearl stringers.
Our silk scarf collection is huge and our winter pashminas and hand-embroidered Nepalese shawls are world class.